MAС inverter Connection


In Russia, we have the infrastructure and our own means to set up a solar power plant in a particular household. Moreover, there is all the necessary electronics, and solar panels are produced in this country independently and all this works perfectly. We decided to describe how to connect a MAC inverter.

First connection

The first thing you should do is to connect it. It's as simple, but it's necessary to transfer the system from 12V to 24V. Since batteries have already worked for a while and were purchased with a difference in a year, it is necessary to equalize their characteristics to the maximum extent. To do this, you need to take these steps:

1. Charge batteries with a stabilized voltage of 14.4 V for several hours
2. Disconnect from the charger and allow them to settle for several hours
3. Check the voltage on each of the batteries, so that there is no imbalance (the voltage should be the same or as close as possible, within the error of measurement).
4. Connect the batteries in series
5. Check the voltage
6. Connect the inverter