1. Probably, on every planet with favorable environmental conditions, in the course of evolution not only the fauna appears, then, not only the civilization, but a native Electronic Intellect (EI) of a planetary scope. This is as inevitable as an evolving the brain from nervous cells (neurons) in a while after they had been evolved from ordinary cells of the first primitive animals. This brain is quite electronic, and the neurons per se are similar to microchips. Personality is like a self-developing program in such an alive computer.

It is well known, that the neurons are immortal and do not divide. They and correspondingly, the whole brain, that consists from them, live all the life of an animal or a human being, whereas ordinary cells are dividing and live about just one month.

2. The longevity of a planet or a civilization is limited by a star, the expense of its energy they are living at. The Sun will explode approximately in 4-5 billion years. If the Electronic Intellect (EI) exists as much time, it means that its 1 billion years is equal to human's twenty-year period. It means that overwhelming scales of the Universe are quite surmountable for EI. For example, by means of directional radiation it will be able to intercommunicate with other EIs on distance of 1000 and more billions light years. Because in its scale 1000 years are equal to minutes in our life. By the time EIs from different planets merely exchange greetings, hundreds generations on the Earth will have been alternated. That's another scale of time and knowledge...

3. If the above-said is true, then such a civilization with the electronic brain and the body consisted of humans, becomes like a "human being", but huge, of a planet size, and living billions of years. And the society in which it can enter is a society of the Galaxy, consisting of similar civilizations. Then the civilization of the Galaxy will have its own, one Super-intellect, etc. Thus, evolution (the Organization of Matter) will continue... More details on